Sneak a Peek at UNESCO Village, Ritz Carlton, Bahrain with the Chairperson of World Heritage Committee 2018-Her Excellency Sheikha Haya Rashed Al Khalifa

Manama, July 5, (Bahrain NOW), written by Kashmeera Sambamurthy


It is a matter of disgrace for countries to be subjected to crisis, terrorism, and negative interferences that threaten the very foundation of heritage sites. The World Heritage Committee 2018 that welcomed site managers from different parts of the world saw various issues addressed and the measures required to tackle the challenges that threaten their existence. Addressing a press conference of journalists and from different parts of the world, Haya Rashed Al-Khalifa, the Chairperson of World Heritage Site 2018 and the pioneering lawyer in the Kingdom on the matter of heritage sites from war-torn countries said, “It is a matter of pride that in this kind of event, UNESCO provides measures provided by the Convention where a team will be made to evaluate the level of destruction and implement steps for preserving the culture of a country.”

When war strikes, and destruction unfolds, various questions in relation to why the government didn’t take steps to protect or why UNESCO did not intervene are questioned. Talking about this issue, the Attorney General highlighted saying, “The decision always rests within the state where UNESCO has no role to play by intervening and explaining their duties or force the country to accept the rules of their convention. Acceptance of such critical events and coming up with agreements for the preservation of sites is very important by war-torn countries.” On being asked about the long duration taken by UNESCO for coming up with discussions for preserving heritage sites of extremism prone countries, the Chairperson ended saying that the decision always rests in the hands of the government to realize the seriousness of their heritage sites. She further said that when there is a destroyed area, it is the part on the government or the politicians to agree to the guidelines of UNESCO for protecting their crowning glory and work in sync on restoring them.

After all, heritage is the pride and blood of a country, isn’t it?

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